Pastel Pink Roses

From love to gratitude and everything in-between, pink roses speak every language. Their versatility can be traced somewhat to the old ages, which puts the pink rose down in history as one of the oldest pieces of art. This timeless classic is sure to enchant with its stunning ombre effect will inspire, delight and comfort.
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What do pink roses symbolize?

The pink rose symbolizes love and beauty.  They are a sign of admiration & affection and also signify forgiveness, apology, wit, and grace.  It is often associated with sentimental love and fragile emotions.

Pink roses are popular for what occasions?

Roses are considered one of the most popular gifts to give to someone. A single stem of a pink rose can represent a love token or a romantic gesture.  Pink roses are used for special occasions including love, friendship, and other celebratory events.  The color pink represents femininity, warmth, happiness, and optimism.    

Why pink rose?

A gift box of the world's finest long-stemmed light pink roses is a refreshing change from a hand bouquet of roses. Express your deep love with the world's most popular flower from Roses Only Singapore.  Pink roses are also synonymously known as pastel pink roses or pale pink roses.  As a symbol of everlasting love, the pink rose gift box is an exquisite gift for all occasions.     


At Roses Only Hong Kong, our flowers are groomed to portray floral mastery. Nurtured by the world's best growers equatorial instead, each rose reaches an impressive 65cm in length within its 15-week growing period before being distinguished by color and character. Each stem is then carefully placed in our elegant, signature gift boxes which, never fail to secure a transcendent first impression. Around here, quality is no mere coincidence.

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