520 Day 我爱你 | Celebrating 20th May with Roses Only

The reason that 520 has risen to significance worldwide is due to the way 5-2-0 is pronounced, which is similar to I love you (我爱你). 520 soon became a shorthand way to say, I love you and soon the day rose in prominence. Share your love on 520 day with a floral delivery in Hong Kong.

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520 Day in Hong Kong

520 Day is a unique and modern celebration of love that occurs on May 20th each year. Chinese culture holds strong value to numbers and their power, some numbers are lucky and popular whilst others are extremely bad luck. That is why celebrations such as 520 Day have risen to importance.

Roses Only offers a wide selection of floral arrangements available for delivery to say I love you to that special someone in your life. Add something special to your 520 floral delivery with luxury champagne or fine chocolates.


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