The Best Easter Gift Ideas for Wives & Girlfriends

Easter is celebrated in the UK during spring. It marks the beginning of a new season! Celebrate the new seasons of your relationship

Check out this list of 20 Easter gift ideas from Roses Only. Make your significant other feel more special than she already is and choose from our list of presents:

Yellow Roses

Yellow roses are symbols for friendship. Through thick and thin, you will always be best friends with your girl. You mature together as time goes by. You share each other’s goals and aspirations. You learn to be more human by laughing, crying, and arguing. You become more like brothers and sisters whose bond is thicker than blood. Celebrate your relationship not just as a romantic couple, but also as best friends with Roses Only’s box of blooms this Easter season!

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Questions for Couples: 469 Thought-Provoking Conversation Starters for Connecting, Building Trust, and Rekindling Intimacy

The more you talk to your partner, the more you deepen your relationship with her. Reveal your most vulnerable side as you answer every question in this book. The two of you will burst in laughter, you might cry on each other’s shoulders, and even argue  (which is a good thing for couples). This unique Easter gift idea will take your relationship to the next level.

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Bunny Slippers

Bunnies have become one of the major emblems for the Easter season. They normally give birth to 1-14 babies which is why they are known as the symbol for new life. Get your partner these comfy bunny slippers. They’re soft, furry, and cozy to wear. She would surely love to see those cute bunnies clinging on her feet every time she’s in the house. Make her feel special this season with this Easter gift!

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Kitchen Aid Artisan Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

Help her bake all the pastries she wants this Easter. KitchenAid lasts for decades. This mixer has a distinctive mixing action that varies from 10 controlled speed ranges. Stir her feelings with this Easter gift as you allow her to tingle your heart and your tastebuds with the different kinds of pastries that she’ll bake for you.

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The Missoni Family Cookbook

Introduce your partner to the Italian recipes of the Missoni Family. The Missonis are not only known for their fashion sense, but also for their exquisite culinary skills. This cookbook shows the recipes of the family passed from generation to generation. Show your partner greener pastures in the kitchen by combining both cooking and fashion this Easter.

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Cotton Easter Kitchen Apron with Front Pocket

Anyone who has a passion for cooking deserves to be recognized with this Easter gift. Your spouse may cook a lot of dishes as you celebrate this Easter season. Cook together with her as the two of you feel the Easter spirit. Make her feel special and loved in this apron (and the other gifts in this post!). Get those pastries, salads, and ham ready for Easter!

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A Beautiful Cross Necklace Pendant

Easter is for everyone to celebrate. It’s not just about the bunnies and Easter eggs. It’s about Christ who came here to be born once so that we can be born again. The cross before was a symbol of the ultimate humiliation and torture for prisoners. But today, it signifies the Holy Trinity and our salvation. Give this as a present for your spouse this Lent and celebrate the real meaning of Easter.

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Preparing For Easter Devotional

Easter is not just a time for celebration, but also a time for reflection. Draw your partner closer to God this Easter, and ponder together the passion and death of Christ on the cross in the lenses of the best-selling author, C. S, Lewis. Let this book help the two of you dive deeper to know the real meaning of Easter.

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Amazon Gift Card

This one of the most practical Easter gift ideas if she loves shopping online. The gift card will be automatically synced into her Amazon account, allowing it to pay for future items to be purchased. What’s even better is that the balance of this card never expires. Make her excited this Easter with this present! 

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Roses and Chocolates

Make your partner’s eyes sparkle and her tastebuds tingle with this Easter gift idea! Roses and chocolates are the perfect pair to give not just because they look good together, but because of the meaning they convey. Red roses symbolize passion. And giving her a dozen roses means that you’re thinking of her 12 months in a year. While giving a box of chocolate is an emblem of commitment. Put your girl lost for words as you give her this Easter gift with all your heart!

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Dandelion Seed Necklace

Easter is also about spring. Give your partner a bronze chain necklace that has a handblown pendant containing real dandelion seeds. They are carefully processed for them to remain preserved. This flower symbolizes happiness and faithfulness. Keep your relationship merry and make her smile with this delicate Easter gift, a piece of dandelion jewellery that combines both elegance and simplicity.

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Golden Name Bar Bracelet

Make your Easter gift more sentimental. Engrave a special word on the name bar bracelet. It could be her name, her nickname, her dream or anything associated with her. You can be creative with the word you’ll use. This bracelet goes well with her other jewelry and it’s perfect to be worn for any occasion. Flatter your significant other as you show her how special she is in your eyes.

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Cherry Brandy Roses

Get your partner a box of Cherry Brandy roses as her Easter gift. This hybrid flower features brilliant swirls of apricot and pink petals with a long and green stem. Apricot has a shade of orange, and these colour of roses represent enthusiasm. While pink roses represent gratitude. This Easter gift idea shows there is a perfect combination for everything. Let your relationship blossom in a unique way like this bloom from Roses Only!

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Sally Hansen Nail Polish Set

If your girl loves wearing these on her fingernails, then this is the perfect Easter gift for her. Sally Hansen is the # 1 nail polish brand. No chipping! Give her a variety of colours to choose from, perfect for any outfit, during and after the Easter season. Make her feel more special than she already is with these set of nail polish in her collection.

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Urban Decay Naked Reloaded Palette

This eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay, with 12 different shades, is versatile for any skin tone, gender, and age. You might have already gotten a hint about getting this for her sometime in the past! Make your girl feel more beautiful than she already is with this collection of palettes.

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Katy Perry Women's - The Jessica Ballet Flat

These Jessica Ballet Flat shoes have dark round eyes, a pair of long ears, and a fluffy tail! These kicks will give her a very cute and comfy look. There may be times that you’re “Hot N Cold”  but your love with each other will always be “Unconditionally” there. So just stay “Wide Awake” and enjoy the present moment together this Easter!

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Printed Bunny Leggings

Perfect for everyday wear and working out! Give your partner this Printed Bunny Leggings from ASOS as an Easter gift. Super soft and comfortable, made of polyester with elastic waistbands that will never lose their stretch and support. Feel the Easter spirit with your special someone as you spend quality time with her and surprise her with this cute pair of leggings. Just like its durable fabric, keep your support with each other no matter how you get stretched with challenges along the way!

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Amazon Echo - 2nd Generation

Introduce your spouse to a new friend. Her name is Alexa, a virtual assistant manufactured by Amazon. You can ask her to play a song, ask for the weather, ask for your schedule, or even ask for some Easter gift ideas. She can detect your voices from afar. Just call her name, and she would be there to happily serve the two of you.

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Mini Percy Bag

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind? Then say no more! Because this Mini Percy Bag from Katy Perry will make your girl feel like a firework. Give this to her this Easter and make her colours burst when you surprise her with this gift. A mini backpack as fresh as a daisy will surely be your partner’s go-to style this spring. Make her feel more special than she already is this Easter with this present!

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Night Sky Picture Frame

To the naked eye, stars seem to stay where they are. The stars have great distances from each other that’s why their motions seem very small during a human lifetime. Every day is a special day because stars change positions constantly! Mark this Easter (or any other memorable day) as another season for the two of you to cherish. This Night Sky Picture Frame shows your recipient the alignment of the stars on the date of your choice. It can be from the past, at present, or even in the coming future. Make it more memorable by adding a personalized text on the frame!

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