Rose Colors & Their Meanings (Hong Kong)

The Chinese rose offers anecdotal proof that the rose flower needs no introductions in Hong Kong.

How often do you find a country with its own native rose? And no, the English Rose is not an actual flower but an expression often used in descriptive instances. But the Chinese Rose is actually an umbrella term for the 93 species and 144 varieties of roses that is native to China.

Talk about rosy, right?

Suffices to say, you shouldn't live in Hong Kong and run out of floral options. And a dozen long stems are essentially the Hail-Mary pass of floral arrangements; whether it is to impress the woman in your life, offer some congratulations or peaceably request a truce - roses are your safest, most luxurious bet.

But as versatile and fluid as these floral gems are, they are also individually skilled in various functions. So, while you generally can’t go wrong with roses, you may find that certain situations and occasions are best-fit for some types roses than their alternatives.

So, how do you match the rose to the event?

How do you choose the right rose for the right occasion so that your message to the recipient doesn’t get a little lost in translation?

Well, that is where

Rose colors and their meanings come to play.… Why Rose Color Meanings Are So Important?

The varying colors of roses are the result of the combined forces of nature and nurturing. However, those floral hues say more than how they were bred. By learning each colors symbolism, you’ll be saving yourself the terrifying horror of insinuating infatuation, when you actually meant to say ‘I love you as a friend’ or suggesting the end of a relationship when you actually mean the opposite

So, yes; you might want to think twice before sending your boss red roses.

What Do The Different Colors of Roses Mean?

Red Roses – Their Meaning & History

After Xiao Fan made history by hand stitching 9,999 red roses for his would-be bride in 2012, no Hong Kong resident could claim ignorance of the significance of a red rose. But just in case it slipped by you; there is no symbol of passionate affection that is more prevalent or enduring than the red rose.

Since the Victorian era when flowers were the foremost means of expressing intimacy, the red rose has symbolized romance; an identity that is steeped in its color red which is often synonymous to fiery passion.

However, despite being around for 35 million years or so, their garden cultivation only began approximately 5000 years ago when Rose fruit and hips were discovered to have some effect on ailments including low libido and depression.

Between the Roman practice of scattering rose petals in order to ‘set the mood’ and the Catholic association with the red rose to the dainty virtues of the Virgin Mary, red roses have been pulled in opposite directions by various cultures. However, by the time the Shakespearean era rolled around, everybody seemed to agree on one thing – these romantic beauties are the poetic standard and idyllic visual representation of love. 

White Roses – Their Meaning & History

Before the days of crimson white roses that represented innocence and purity, white roses did not conjure up images of rose wreaths woven with white chrysanthemums. In fact, the white rose existed and bore a contrasting role in culture; it was a symbol of sworn secrecy as far back as the 14th century, a time when it played a significant role in the War of Roses – England’s bloodiest civil war.

However, after Englands Queen Victoria waltzed down the aisle in her royal flair in the 1840’s clutching a bouquet of white roses; a new tradition was born! Today, the white rose is a little less about bloody fights and gruesome deaths, but a representation of purity, loyalty, and innocence – a long shot from what they once were. So, if you are looking to communicate new beginnings, hope or a shared secret, white roses are the best way to go. Nothing calls a truce or says congratulations better than a hand-delivered box of white cream roses

Pink Roses – Their Meaning & History

Pink roses were first featured in 15th-century paintings and grown the popular Imperial Garden of China.

This is perhaps why it is considered a true multiplayer in the floral scenery.

The pink rose is written down in history as one of the oldest pieces of art. Even the Talmud suggests that at one time, pink roses were the only flowers allowed to bud in Jerusalem – and given their popularity in those days, it only makes sense that they were used in a vast number of circumstances. From love to gratitude and everything in-between, pink roses speak every language.

Naturally, it is the floral safe card for those days when you aren’t particularly keen on the intensity of the red rose or the restraint and levity of the yellow hue. It conveys a gamut of emotions ranging from passion to simple thoughtfulness; and while each individual shade of pink bears a different identity, they are known to play the field nonetheless. For instance, pastel pink roses can express sympathy just as easily as it can communicate admiration or joy. A bright pink rose would say thank you and congratulations in the same breath – and thrust in the midst of red roses, they can say ‘I love you’ or express romantic enthusiasm.


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