How to Spoil Mom on Mother's Day

Mother's Day

Although she’s probably one of the most important people in your life, you may find that sometimes your mom just doesn’t get the appreciation, thanks and spoiling she really deserves, no matter how well intentioned you are. With the craziness of family, social and work life, taking the time to show someone how special they are is often left behind, as phone calls become less frequent and visits more rare. Mother’s Day is a fantastic opportunity to give your mom the attention she deserves, and serves as a reminder of how precious and fleeting time with family really is. This year, you can do things the right way by checking out our list of the best ways to spoil mom this Mother’s Day. 

Spend the day together

Perhaps your usual routine involves a quick visit or a cup of tea, but this year, consider spending the whole day with your mom, filled with fun activities along the way. Our favorite ideas include taking a long champagne brunch, going to the theater, relaxing at a nearby beach, trying something new together like a pottery or dance class, watching a movie at home or simply chatting over a pot of tea. Make this day about your mom, and spend it doing something you know she'll love. 

White Rose Bouquet
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Arrange a family lunch

Depending on how large your family is and how scattered around the world you are, planning a big family celebration is a fantastic option. This can be done in a restaurant, a hired space or even at someone’s home, and is made all the better if the event is kept secret from mom until the big day. You can make it as lavish or as simple as you can afford, but our suggestions is to ask everyone to bring a plate to share the workload around (just make sure the woman of the hour doesn’t lift a finger!). If some family members can’t make it, call them via Skype or ask them to prepare video messages to play for your mom during lunch, in amongst any other speeches of thanks you may wish to include in the day. Sharing a meal with family is one of life’s great pleasures, and requires only good food, great company and plenty of laughs. 

Mom and daughter
Special moments shared with mom are always fun to look back on, especially after you've given her a gorgeous bouquet of flowers.

Write her a letter

Putting pen to paper isn’t something we often need or find the time to do, but it can be a beautiful and heartfelt way to express emotion, feeling and love. Take some time to think about the role your mom has played in your life, your favorite memories, funny recollections and significant moments you've shared, and make a note of them as you start to compose your letter. You don’t have to be a talented writer and the letter doesn’t have to be long, and if you really get stuck you will find plenty of inspiration and beautiful poetry online to get you started. Begin by writing down a poem with a short memory underneath, starting with, ‘Do you remember the time we…’ 

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Spend the day at the spa

Relaxation, pampering and pleasure are no better found than in a day spa, and for most of us, giving ourselves a well earned day of luxury isn’t something we do. Book in a treatment for yourself, your mom and any other relatives who want to come along, and enjoy a day of complete indulgence. If you can afford it, why not include a high tea in the celebrations? 

Mother and child
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Have a long phone conversation

If you can't be with your family on Mother's Day, a phone call can still be an excellent way to connect with your mom. You probably speak to her semi-regularly on the phone, but perhaps you're usually distracted by your kids, only partially listening or having to run off before you've gotten past pleasantries. This Mother's Day, make the effort to sit down and call your mom, for a sincere, deep conversation, filled with everything from the status of her day to how much you appreciate her. You'll be surprised at how much it means to her. 

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Plan a family weekend away

You probably haven’t been on a holiday with your mom in many years, or at least, not one that was centered around her! Whether you can afford to take a few weeks off work and fly overseas, or an overnight camping trip is more your speed, going on a family vacation is a great way to bond and share new experiences together. Bring the kids or send your parents on a romantic trip for two if you can’t take the time off, but be sure to book plenty of fun activities that you know your mom will love. 

Mom and daughters

Treat every day like Mother’s Day

Of course you can't be expected to spend every day with your mom, but why not make the effort to stay connected more often? Checking in, showing thanks, proactively planning family events and calling or visiting regularly is something you probably always plan on doing but never get around to, so commit to making every day a little more Mother's Day. 

No matter where you are or how busy your life seems, Mother's Day makes the perfect opportunity to reflect on your relationship with your mom, reconnect with her, spend time together and let her know how much you appreciate her role in your life. Start planning in advance to get the most out of the day, and don't forget to have fun! 


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