9 Birthday Gifts Your Mom Deserves

Gifts for mom

As I look upon my children,
I wish that I will be,
As great a mother to my children
as my mother was to me

She always knows what to say,
and what I need to hear
She always told me how it was,
so simple and so clear.

As mother and daughters do,
we’d argue and we’d fight
But though the tears and drama
I love her with all my might.
By Kerry Conn

For most people, a mother is someone who is caring, kind and loving, and has made countless sacrifices to enable her children and family to succeed. A mother is always there in times of need, celebrating the good times, offering advice during the trials and tribulations of life, and a shoulder to cry on when things go wrong.

Spoiling your mom on her birthday is a wonderful way to say thank you for all that she does, and to give her one day off from worrying about everyone else, to enjoy, relax and celebrate. At Roses Only, we realize just how important moms are, so we've put together this list of the top birthday gifts she deserves, to suit every mom, and every budget! 

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Give her a card

It may seem simple, but a well written, heartfelt card will go a long way on your mom's birthday. It's probably pretty rare that you go out of your way to express your feelings and appreciation, and writing down the words is less intimidating than saying them face to face. Include a poem, photos, stories and words of thanks, all handwritten in a beautiful birthday card. This is an excellent option if you can't afford to buy a lavish gift but want to show your mom thanks. 

Buy her a bouquet of flowers

Flowers are a fantastic gift choice for pretty much any occasion, and there are so many different types, colors and bouquet options to suit your budget and your mom's tastes. Popular choices include light pink flowers, white roses, a single red rose and a dozen red roses. Don't forget to include a card and have them hand delivered to her door on the big day! 

Mother daughter

Help out around the house

A perfect option if you don't have a lot of money to spend, helping your mom out around the house is something that although may seem mundane, will be extremely appreciated. Giving her the day off from household chores or running errands will enable her to relax and put up her feet, and give you an opportunity to show her in real time how much you value the work she does for the family. Make her a cup of tea, put on a movie for her to watch and get to work! 

Take her to a fancy restaurant

Sharing a meal with someone close is always a treat, and is a classic choice for a birthday celebration. There may be a bunch of nice restaurants the family likes to frequent, but try to find a new, fancier option for this birthday, to make it feel more like a special occasion and give everyone an opportunity to try something new. Pick a place that serves a cuisine that you mom enjoys, tell the family to get dressed up and pop open a bottle of champagne over some good food and even better company. 

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Bake her a birthday cake

It doesn't matter if you're a master in the kitchen or can barely make toast without setting the house on fire; going to the effort of making a cake shows great commitment to celebrating right! Making it from scratch is ideal, but if you're really uncomfortable baking try using a partially pre-prepared box, and add your own icing and decorations. If you nail it, your mom will be surprised and touched, and if it's a disaster you can all have a laugh as you share your tales of baking trouble! 

Make breakfast in bed

If your mom isn't big on parties, lavish dinners or having all of the attention focused on her, making breakfast in bed might just be the perfect option. Stay over the night before and bring your own supplies, so that in the morning you can rise early and start cooking. Make her favorite meal yourself or duck out early for some pastries and coffee, finishing off the tray with a birthday card and a stunning rose Hong Kong

Mother and baby

Giver her special gifts throughout the day

If you don't have big plans but still want your mom to feel special, why not consider giving her several gifts throughout the day? These might include champagne, flowers, books, tickets to a show, jewelry, a spa voucher or a framed photo. They can be big or small, and should be staggered throughout the day to surprise her. 

Take a special weekend getaway together

If you can afford to take the time off work and have the money, organizing a family trip gives you a wonderful opportunity to bond and reconnect with your mom, and is a great excuse to get the family all together. As we grow older we often move away from where we grew up, and it gets more and more difficult to meet as a family. It would probably mean so much to your mom having everyone together, it really doesn't matter where you go! 

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Spend the day together

Regardless of how much money you have, what your mom enjoys doing or who else in your family can make it, spending the day with your mom on her birthday is the most important gift of all. Tell her how important she is and what she means to the family, and cherish the moments you spend together, no matter what you end up doing.


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