Anniversary gifts

Whether your relationship is just budding or hitting the 50th-anniversary mark, the pressure is undeniable to buy the perfect anniversary gift. But even though you are spoilt for choice with romantic gift ideas there is only one gift that is guaranteed not to leave your loved one feeling disappointed - and that’s Roses.

And we don't just mean those spur of the moment, grocery store options that betray your thoughtlessness; we are talking about the creme de la creme of floral options - The finest long stemmed Red Roses you will ever send.

The red rose is an unforgettable and versatile flower, a perfect foundation for a wide array of arrangements that will speak closely to the heart of its recipient.

With an artful arrangement of the fiery red charmers, you can stir up all the gooey emotional stuff that you may outwardly roll your eyes over but inwardly relish.

Here's Why It Doesn't Get Any Better Than The Red Rose...

Is There Anything More Classically Romantic?

It is a long established fact that the red rose is an enduring symbol of love and beauty.
With a history steeped in Roman, Greek and Shakespearean iconography, the red rose is essentially the poetic standard of deep affection. If you are going to leave a lasting impression, it won't be without these romantic beauties.

A Single Stem is As Powerful As An Army of Roses

You won't find any floral option that packs a punch in a single stem presentation like the red rose. One red rose evokes powerful emotions that easily rivals luxurious arrangements of other colors. And when assembled in a grandiose bouquet, the red rose is essentially the romantic equivalent of a knockout punch.

Anniversary gifts by year

Reveal your romantic intentions or reaffirm long-standing affection with a floral parade of a classic dozen, red long stems, elegantly arrayed in our showstopping signature gift box, a bold declaration of love, no floral equivalent says ‘be mine’ better than a dozen red roses not matter what anniversary you are celebrating. 

1-year Anniversary gift 

Stun your romantic interest with a luxurious single stem rose from our collection of expertly curated Ecuadorian-grown roses conveyed by our chic signature gift box. A promise of life-long devotion, the single red rose speaks of undying commitment; and lovingly presented in our elegant gift box finished with a seamless bow trimming, it leaves an indelible impression on its recipient.

5-year anniversary gift

Our 6 red roses gift box conveys with it a  mesmerizing admission of infatuation and romantic enthusiasm. Subtly declare your romantic ambitions with half a dozen of the finest long-stem red roses arrayed in our equally stunning signature gift box embellished with exquisite finishings - just the way it appeals to the romantics. 5 stems to celebrate each year and the 6th to celebrate the year ahead. 

10-year anniversary gift

Arrayed gracefully in our luxury gift box, these 18 long stemmed red roses are an eloquent floral expression of beauty, sincerity, luck and prosperity. Convey your best wishes with an expertly curated gift box of  these 18 floral gems finished with exquisite trimmings for a touch that will liven up the room and keep your cherished traditions alive.

25th-anniversary gifts

Take traditional grand romantic gestures up a notch with three dozen of the finest, long-stem red roses expertly curated by seasoned florists and arrayed in our luxurious, embossed gift box for a presentation guaranteed to leave the recipient tongue tied. A luxury statement arrangement, our 36 red roses gift box offers a floral nod to time-tested affection - it says; after all this time, I am still hopelessly in love with you. 

50th-anniversary gifts

To express immeasurable, unquantifiable love, gift your loved one a generous arrangement of 50 expertly curated red long stem roses beautifully arrayed in our embossed presentation box. Signifying a love that has lasted till ripe old age with no regrets, 50 red roses are an ode to the uncomplicated ease of true love; and displayed in our signature gift box, its impression is indelible.. 

Wedding Anniversary gifts 

Say ‘I’m yours forever’ with a beautiful arrangement of 24 long-stem red roses presented in our luxurious signature gift box for that extra flourish every floral gift needs. Symbolic of enchantment and romantic intention, 24 red roses profess your affection for that special someone; and arrayed in our exquisitely designed gift box, your gesture waters the ground for a future with this paramour.



If there is anything all this proves, it is that at RosesOnly, we know a thing or two about red roses and the delight they inspire, so if you want Roses that can speak louder than words, save yourself the leg work, and start here - we have done all the work so that you won't have to.

Shop Our Red Roses Choose from our wide variety of rose-themed arrangements; with expertly-curated long-stemmed charmers delivered in a luxe presentation box or ribbon tied bouquet, you are guaranteed to win on your anniversary. 


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