4 Ways To Be More Grateful

"Your gratitude attitude determines your life altitude." - Zig Ziglar

World Gratitude Day is held every 21st of September. It was created to make people share all that they’re grateful for in their lives.

This occasion was first celebrated in 1965 in an international gathering in Hawaii. And today the number of people celebrating World Gratitude Day has grown even more.

Here are 4 ways for you to be more grateful this World Gratitude Day.

Have A Gratitude Journal

Write down everything you’re thankful for in your life. It can be seeing your mother smile, watching a movie with your siblings, giving your dad a back massage, eating out with your friends, or having a romantic date with your partner.

Giving yourself time to sit back, reflect, and write everything you’re thankful for would really brighten up your day. Appreciate the little things that make you smile. This would help you put everything into perspective.

Reflect On Your Most Challenging Moments

You’ve probably experienced financial problems, health issues, loss, career dilemma or depression. Looking back at the challenges you’ve surpassed can help you feel grateful for making it through those dark moments.

There’s no better day than World Gratitude Day to be grateful for those people who helped you rise during adversities. Your family, friends, and mentors.

Share The Love With Roses

Yes, it’s great to say thank you through messages or calls to the special people in your life. Especially those who have been there when you were at your darkest moments.

One thoughtful way of letting them know you appreciate them is through roses. They’re timeless, meaningful, and they never fail to brighten up someone’s day.

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Develop Self-Love

“Learning to Love Yourself. It is the greatest love of all.” - Whitney Houston

Stop being too hard on yourself and be grateful for your perfectly imperfect life. Learn to look at yourself with love and understanding. Your stretch marks, blemishes, height, and figure don’t define your beauty. Your degree, job title, and social status don’t define your worth.

The foundation of a grateful life is appreciating the beauty and worth within the imperfection. Change the way you see yourself and acquire the greatest love of all from within. And your positive energy will shine through the room without you noticing it.

Always Say The Magic Word

Pope Francis, the leader of Roman Catholics, identified three simple phrases that we should be saying regularly to have a happy life. And one of them was, “Thank you.”

World Gratitude Day is a reminder for us to stop for a while and count our blessings. We always get distracted by our work, business, and hobbies. And we tend to forget what’s right in front of us.

You can make your life and other people’s lives happy by displaying an attitude of gratitude. Being grateful all the time can make a big difference!


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